Loomans Plastics

We produce complex plastic components with great precision at a competitive price

Specialized in large volumes

Loomans Plastics Ltd. has specialized in injection moulding of top quality plastic components.

When entering into a product development, we try to think along with the client from the very beginning and decide on the most suitable technique: multicomponent injection moulding, insert moulding, inmould labelling.

We aim for high production volumes that allow strong automation. Our opportunities for further growth are in automation and intensive quality control. Which are assets for in-line assembly processes too.

Loomans Plastics is ISO 22000:2005 en BRC IOP certified.

ISO 22000:2005 certificate

BRC IOP certificate


'Preferred Supplier' van multinationals

Loomans Plastics is a preferred supplier of several multinationals in the food and cosmetics industry.

We work for multinationals such as: Friesland, Lindal, Heineken, Hochwald, Belgomilk, Danone.

They selected Loomans Plastics for the production of their packaging components because of its guaranteed quality, thanks to camera control of the entire production process for instance.


Semi-clean production

In 2012 Loomans Plastics has invested in a separate semi-clean production unit, secluded from the rest of the production hall.

This enables us to produce plastic parts in very hygienic circumstances. The production process in this separate area runs fully automated.

We produce and assemble the packaging for baby food for instance in such an assembly line.


Product development with the client

Loomans Plastics willingly assists its clients in the development of their products. Thus the realization of a new plastic component can start in our design bureau.

In close consultation the clients concept and requirements are translated into a 3D-design. We use the integrated CAD/CAM system Cimatron and the specific injection moulding simulation software of Moldflow.

Based on the 3D-design, Loomans Molds will then make a test mold to produce prototypes. If the prototype complies with all the requirements and quality standards, the actual production molds are build.

Modern machinery

Modern machinery is one of our assets. Loomans Plastics produces millions of plastic parts with more than 75 machines in a scope of 50 to 500 tons of holding pressure.

This allows us to injection mould plastic parts with a weight between 0,5 to 500 gram.

With Loomans Molds literally next door, maintenance and repair of our molds is done in no time.


Innovation and scale are important business drivers. Loomans Plastics strives for thorough automation of the production.

We have the knowhow and creativity to integrate injection moulding and assembling of separate plastic components into one fully automatic production line.

"In the field of in-line assembly of packaging for the food and cosmetics industry, we are one of the most advanced companies in Europe."

Loomans Plastics is now applying its experience with elaborate quality standards and automation for the automotive industry too.


Intensive quality control

Quality is crucial in the mission statement of Loomans Plastics.

We have made major investments in high tech quality control systems and attach great importance to working in a food safe environment (HACCP).

Loomans Plastics is ISO 22000:2005 en BRC IOP certified.

Sophisticated measuring instruments

The multinationals we work for demand that each and every component of their packaging always meets the specifications to the smallest detail.

To guarantee this we have invested for instance in sophisticated laser controlled measuring instruments.

Camera control

"Loomans Plastics probably makes most pictures in Belgium."

In recent years we made serious investments to install intensive camera control on our production lines.

The entire production process is controlled. Each part is being photographed and checked. Any product that deviates from the quality standards and specifications is detected and removed.


Loomans Group is fully aware of its position in the food chain as a supplier of packaging parts.

We inform and train our employees on a regular basis on the importance of food safety and the requirements and procedures that go together with intensive quality control.

The environment

Year by year Loomans Group makes serious efforts and starts up projects to become a more environmentally friendly company.

Each year we set new targets and search for better solutions.

Our urge for innovation has resulted in considerable energy savings so far. E.g. we use the technique of the geothermal heat pump to cool the production process. When installing new machinery we choose electric injection moulding machines because they consume less energy than hydraulic ones.

Loomans Group uses 100% green electricity.

Logistics & storage

The importance Loomans Plastics attaches to quality and innovation is also noticeable in its logistics and storage.

In 2014 Loomans Group put into service a brand new storage hall for its finished products, waiting for transport. Here too, high standards in the field of quality, safety and efficiency have been implemented.