Loomans Molds

We design and make high quality injection molds for the molding industry with more than 50 years of experience

High end injection molds

Loomans Molds Ltd. manufactures a large range of injection molds, with specific expertise in packaging for food and cosmetics and components for the automotive industry.

From single test molds to 128-fold production molds; in all kinds: single face molds, multicomponent molds, rotary molds or stack molds.

As a result of the excellent quality of our molds, we receive orders from all over the world.

We can also maintain or repair our costumers' molds.


From design to finished product

A good outline suffices to start up the development process of a product. In close consultation with the client, our design studio translates the needs and criteria into a mature 3D design. We use the integrated CAD/CAM-system Cimatron for that purpose.

Based on the design, Loomans Molds makes a test mold and produces the first prototypes. We measure and test these elaborately, adjusting the design and mold until the prototype meets the requirements for a 100%. 3D-printing is also used in this stage of the process.

Making prototypes, testing, adjustments and finally building the actual mold, it is all done "in house". The advantages are clear: short delivery terms, accuracy, high quality materials, efficiency and a very strong reliability.

Expertise and craftsmanship

As a client, you engage a skillful team of professionals who apply their expertise from your point of view.

Younger and older employees working together guarantee that know how of materials, experience and advanced technology complement each other well.

This enables Loomans Molds to manufacture the most complex molds. We are specialized for instance in molds with a lot of cavities.

Moreover, the close cooperation with Loomans Plastics is an unfailing source of knowledge on the characteristics and wear and tear of molds when used in production.

Innovation and precision

Accuracy is crucial in the design and construction of injection molds.

Working precisely is a competence and an attitude that is given much attention at Loomans Molds. Combined with the latest technology this results in molds of an outstanding quality.

We use both conventional and CNC-machines and integrate spare parts of Hasco, DME, Meusburger, Moldmaster, Husky …

Investing in high tech

Loomans Molds invests continuously in new technologies for both the design and the manufacturing of molds.

We have a well-balanced range of machinery at our disposal: bench micrometer, CNC-turning lathes, electric discharge machines (EDM) such as die-sinking, wire erosion and small hole drilling machines, milling machines, grinding machines, co-grinders, …

We use machines from reputed brands in the industry: Ingersoll, Yasda, DMG, Bridgeport, Charmilles, Kellenberg, Mitsubishi, Hauser…

Injection molding simulations

During the product development process Loomans Molds is able to perform digital injection moulding simulations.

Using the Moldflow simulation software can reveal possible deficiencies of the product in an early phase of the design process. But also later in the product development Moldflow simulations are useful when important decisions have to be made.


Loomans Molds builds injection molds for both national and international companies.

Well known brands such as Unilever, Hochwald, Friesland, Lindal, Heineken, Danone, Belgomilk, Nivea, or Ferrero order molds at Loomans.

A considerable part of our molds find their way to production plants in Latin-America that produce packaging for products of multinationals for the local market. Yet they prefer importing the molds of Loomans Molds because of their quality and reliability.