Loomans Group

A benchmark in the molding industry for injection mold construction and injection molding

Molds and injection molding

Loomans Group Ltd. combines two companies. Loomans Molds Ltd. builds high end injection molds. Loomans Plastics Ltd. produces top quality plastic parts in very large numbers.

Loomans Group can take on the end-to-end development process of your product: from design, over injection mold manufacturing till the actual mass production of your finished product.

With the same drive we apply our expertise and high-tech machinery for a section of this development process.

Mold builder of international reputation

The injection molds built by Loomans Group are internationally renowned among manufactures of food and cosmetics packaging for their quality, innovation and reliability.

Multinationals such as Unilever and Nivea have their spray nozzles and screw lids produced all over the world with injection molds built by Loomans Molds.

At the moment our most important export market for injection molds is Latin-America.

Injection molding in large numbers

We set the tone in the production of very large numbers of plastic parts for food or cosmetics packaging that require absolute uniformity and precision, even in delivery terms.

We propose the most suitable injection molding technique for your product idea: 2C-moulding, insert moulding, inmould labelling, whether or not combined with in-line assembly.

Private companies such as Friesland, Lindal, Heineken, Hochwald, Danone, Belgomilk and Ferrrero rely on our expertise for parts of their packaging: screw caps and lids, spray nozzles, aerosol caps, …


The mission statement of Loomans Group is "to produce top quality products for our customers."

Loomans Group is fully aware of its position in the food chain as a supplier of packaging parts. Every year we set ourselves new goals to guarantee and further improve the quality and food safety of our products.

We make a difference by innovation, quality, reliability and scale.


Loomans Group can deliver its costumers an end-to-end solution.

We translate the need or product idea of our costumer into an improved or new product; the successful result of a joint and tailor made development process.

We keep up with technological evolutions in the industry, e.g. 3D printing, Moldflow simulations, etc.

In the field of environment and safety too, Loomans Group annually sets itself new goals.


Our customers are demanding.

Therefor Loomans Group attaches great importance to quality and food safe production facilities.

Loomans Group is ISO 22000:2005 and BRC IOP certified. Production for the food industry respects the HACCP-standards.

The last few years Loomans Group has severely invested in camera control and sophisticated measuring instruments to ensure a quality check of the whole production process.


Loomans Group is able to deliver high end products permanently thanks to our skilled employees and their years of experience.

In order to implement innovations successfully and guarantee the high quality standards, Loomans Group continuously trains its personnel.


The combination of an experienced staff and innovative technology enables Loomans Group to produce very large numbers in the most efficient way.

We fully focus on automation. Which allows us to offer the best value-for-money to the companies we work for.

A family business in full expansion

Today about 100 people work for Loomans Group, led by Jackie Loomans. All of them making a difference with their commitment.

The company is internationally active but remains a strapping family business with the corresponding advantages: a personal, tailor made approach, a short hierarchy and informal culture, craftsmanship and quality, long term perspective and rooted in the local community.

Being one of the fastest growing companies in Limburg, Loomans Group has been awarded the “Trends Gazelle of the year” several times already.

Between 2007 and 2014 Loomans Group expanded its business area twice with 5000 m2



Loomans Group started as a one-man-business in 1968 when Wim Loomans began to manufacture injection molds: Loomans Molds. Six years later, in 1974, his son Jackie Loomans started up Loomans Plastics, producing large volumes of a limited number of plastic spare parts. From 1990 on, after his father’s death, Jackie Loomans becomes director of both companies.

In 2002 Loomans Molds Ltd. and Loomans Plastics Ltd. move together to a business area of 17.000 m2 on the industrial site of Kristalpark in Lommel. Both companies are then linked to each other under the Loomans Group.

The enthusiasm and zest for work that drive the company’s growth, lead to a first enlargement of 5000 m2 in 2007. In 2014 the continual growth demands a new expansion of another 5000 m2.

Jackie Loomans

In 40 years’ time, Jackie Loomans has turned the small mold manufactory of his father and his own injection molding start-up, into one of the most innovative production plants of its niche worldwide.

"Thanks to the commitment and competence of our staff, Loomans Groups continuously lives up to its ambitions. Over the last years our turnover has risen annually by 15% on average."


In rally riding too, Jacky Loomans is widely respected as multiple participant to desert rally’s.

"A hobby that got out of hand," he calls it after more than 20 editions of the Dakar Rally, and from 2009 on, the Africa Eco Rally; the more sustainable answer to the relocation of the Dakar to South-America.

In the 2014 edition of the Africa Eco Rally Jackie Loomans and his co-driver Frits Driesmans reached the second place.